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“Kids are not Acting out, they are Reaching out”

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  • Transforming School Culture with Empathy and Respect

    When my (now 25 year old) kid was in elementary and middle school, I volunteered a lot. All the kids knew me..I treated them with an uncommon amount of respect. […]

  • My child knows I don’t control them

    I have made a lot of parenting mistakes over the past 25 years. I have stumbled and struggled many times. I never gave up on the philosophy however. When things […]

  • How to Get Kids to Stop Sucking their Thumbs

    A common question I get asked is abouthow to get kids to stop sucking their thumbs.Especially as they grow olderit becomes a concern to parents. Many kids try and stop, but […]

  • Let Us Treat Our Children as Equals

    “And I try to laugh At whatever life brings Cause when I look down I just miss all the good stuff When I look up I just trip over things” […]

  • I’m 50

    I turned FIFTY years old 3 days ago on Dec 27, 2018.When I held the birthday card from my wife and daughter in my hand, the big “50” jumped out […]

  • Thanks for not forcing me to go to school

    My 21 year old daughter is watching Bob’s burgers on TV. It’s an adult animated show. One of the characters was pretending to be sick so they could school. She […]