This Is Not Me


This Is Not Me

Dealing With My Anger Issues

For most of my life I have been
dealing with anger issues.
I think it likely started when
I was in junior high school.
I was bullied quite severely for a few years
and that put a deep anger inside me.

When I was younger, in my twenties and thirties,
it used to be a much more frequent and intense experience.

Anger Leaves a Residue

Even now though when it does happen
it leaves residue in my mind and heart.
It creates tension in my body
and I have to do a lot of self-care
to ease myself out of the effects.

Over the years I have worked on it very intensely
and now the anger flares up quite rarely.

These days I have developed a new method
for dealing with my feelings of anger when they come up.

This is not me

I look at my anger and say
that is not me.
That is a reaction that was imposed upon me.
It is not my choice.
It is not the real me.
The real me is loving and kind.

Observing my anger

This helps me to see my anger reaction in a different light.
It helps to remind me of my center
when I get lost in the periphery.

Learning to accept my anger

It is not that I am trying to
repress or ignore my anger.
Quite the opposite in fact.

Doing this allows me to feel it and face it
without having it control me.

It also allows me to work on healing
the places inside me that caused it.

I look at my anger and say
that is not me.
I can then fill myself with love.

This method can be applied to many areas of life

In fact there are many times I behave out of
the wounds of my past.
I can see my true nature more clearly
when I remember to observe them
and say “that is not me.”

Doing this has made me less reactive
and brought a deeper peace into my everyday life.

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  1. You’re honest and brave in sharing your learnings and I admire your willingness to be vulnerable for the sake of offering your teachings. Thanks for being you.

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