Too Much Honesty

A few years ago I was visiting a friend who had a 3 year old. Of course I ended up bonding with the little one and we became best friends. Kids seem to know how highly I think of them and usually are drawn to me. Beautiful Fairy Princesses The three year old was drawing

Love Affects the Core

The Less They Deserve It, the More They Need It One of the hardest and most important things to do for children is to offer them an experience of love and acceptance when they act badly towards us (or at least what we consider bad). I am aware that this may run opposite to traditional

Teach Skills Rather Than Modify Behaviours

Conscious Parenting Requires Conscious Goal Setting It’s important to remember that one of the primary goals in parenting is not to control behaviours, but to teach skills, to inspire deep feeling, to create a joyful spirit, to instil powerful self-confidence and self-awareness, to teach effective communication… And well the list goes on and on!! I