Ideas For Nurturing a New-Born

Here is a note I wrote for parents of a new-born baby. They asked me for ideas of how to interact with their brand new being in the first days. ———————————– Congratulations to new guardians of Divine Spirit! The first week or so of a child’s are so important. Many foundational concepts, perceptions, feelings, self-images,

Teach Essential Skills

Collaboration and Communication My tendency as a parent is always to make decisions using collaboration and communication. I bring the pros and cons of any situation to the table; we consider them and then make the decision together. In general I’ll abide by whatever decision my young person makes. The individual decisions are less important

Talking to Babies

Talking to Babies Young children, even babies, can respond to much deeper communication than people generally realize. I have startling experiences in deep communication with young children. Not just with my kid, but with others, many others!! They hear, feel and understand so much. Beyond the traditional “tone of voice” thing that most people think.