My daughter is a very optimistic happy joyful kid! She is very fair and giving and fun. She is loving and patient and kind. Yet she is very aware of the dangers of the world of people trying to rip her off of lying and cheating and fighting I have managed to get her to

Follow Their Lead

Seeking Compliance It can be very frustrating when we want our kids to obey us, to follow us or to cooperate with us and they are resisting. We do so many things to try and get their compliance, from punishing to communicating to explaining. Sometimes it works and we get that compliance, sometimes it doesn’t.

You Are a Firefly

This blog post is so Beautiful. Take a moment to read it then read my short response below. We are Guardians of Their Light Protecting the inner light of our children is more important than 99% of the things parenting is usually about. Right after reading this blog I went straight to my 18

My Wish for All Children

I have a deep desire to help children. To help them reach their potential. To help them create a positive self-image. To help them feel kindness, compassion and patience towards themselves and others. I want to give them an education that inspires them, that educates their whole being. That shows them they can accomplish everything

I Honour my Daughter on Her Birthday

Today I celebrate the birthday of my best friend. The BEST person I know. My learning partner, my teacher, a fountain of wisdom. A being with a sharp, discerning, flexible and open mind. A creative, unpredictable, wild and free imagination. A sharp wit, a keen intellect, a powerful intuition. And the most loving heart. Today

Teens Live In A World Of Their Own

Teens Live In A World Of Their Own. Neither fully autonomous adults nor carefree children! They are expected to have the responsibility of an adult, but are given none of the freedoms or respect. It’s a transition stage that is confusing and painful. Adults in general don’t understand or appreciate the intensity of the teen