Tantrum in The Library

Tantrum in The Library A good friend of mine who works in a library was telling me about an 8 year old girl she witnessed having a tantrum today. Something had set the girl off and she was totally losing it, screaming, thrashing about and generally making a big scene! One of the library staff

Fearless parenting

Yesterday a friend asked me how do courage and fear play a role in my parenting? He wanted to know how fear affected my behaviour and how I used courage to deal with that fear. I thought about it for a while and realized that I have rarely experienced fear as a parent. I experience

Happy Father’s Day

Happy fathers day to all the conscious dads out there! Demon Wrestling Being a dad is a very challenging experience. In order to be the kind of father that I wanted I have had to wrestle with many demons. There are so many programs inside me that try and control my choices. In order for