The Path is Long

A note to myself from my Journal: Vivek, your path is long and has many pitfalls and traps which you yourself have set! It is not a random situation you find yourself in, but a consciously created lesson/test. You must prevail. See life from the perspective of it being consciously created instead of random, and

Love is Grand

Love is Grand. Love is Fearless. Love is of the Heart. Without an open heart we cannot experience the depth of love available to us. If we have been hurt it is natural to protect ourselves. And we have all been hurt! Yet this protection blocks us from love. We must heal We must forgive

Life is always changing

Life is always changing. Sometimes it throws big changes at us. This can cause us great turmoil. Certainly our fears and attachments are exposed. I often feel like I don’t want things to change. When they do (and they always do!) I get tense, frustrated and experience resistance. When this happens I have a choice.

Celebrate Life

Do not let your fear stop you from celebrating life. There is so much richness available to you. Every moment is a potential work of art! Be the artist and allow great art to be created through your life. Fear will want you to stay small, to not take chances, to say NO when your