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Punishment Dehumanizes

Punishment Dehumanizes.

When parents make
the decision to not punish
they deeply humanize their children.

Hanging Out with my Best Friend

My daughter is almost 19.
Today I was sitting with her on the couch, just hanging.
Suddenly I was overcome by the feeling of closeness that exists between us. I felt so grateful.

I realized that one reason for that closeness is
that I’ve never punished her for anything.
I feel very grateful for that.

I said that to her, that I was happy
I’d never punished her and she just said
“me too”.

It’s Never Too Late to Stop Punishing

Even if you’ve been punishing, it’s never too late to stop.
You’ll look back on the day you stop as one of the best moments of your life.
There are lots of resources on how to work with your kids without punishment.

It deepens your relationship with them and
is actually a much more effective way
to create harmony and cooperation in the home.

If you want some more detailed and personal guidance
contact me for a private lesson.
I call them lessons because I share ideas,
it’s you who has the joy and challenge to implement them!


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