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The Sage Miracle

The Sage Miracle

Way back in 1995 I bought a van,
pulled out the back seat and
put a mattress in it.

Then I took off and spent three months
driving out west to explore Canada…
And myself.

This was what I called my “Pre-Pregnancy Trip”.

I had many amazing experiences
during those three months.
Quite a few miraculous and
impossible to explain occurrences.

I also learned many deep lessons during that time.

I’m going to share one such lesson
with you today that I call the Sage Miracle.

Seeking the Sage

I was staying with a friend
in Saskatoon for a couple of weeks.
I had heard that Sage grows there
and I really wanted to pick some before I left town.

So as soon as I got there
I started bugging my friend
to take me somewhere that Sage grows.

I kept pestering her and pestering her.
As my time there was drawing to a close
I was feeling more and more anxious.
I kept thinking I wasn’t going to
get that Sage and it was upsetting me.

My Persistence Was Getting On Her Nerves

I think by the end of the two weeks
my dear friend was quite annoyed with me.
And quite rightly so.

On the last day of my visit
I finally got a little upset
and insisted that she take me
to the park where she knew some Sage was growing.

We went there together,
her annoyed,
me frustrated and tense.

We Found a Little Bushel of Sage In a Huge Field

We hunted around for a while
and finally found a little bush of sage
about a foot high and a foot wide.

I started to pick it and put it into a plastic bag.
My friend stopped and said that
first we have to pray
and thank the earth for this gift.

By that time I really didn’t want
to pray or thank anybody,
but I did it anyway.

Hoarding the Sage

Then she told me I couldn’t pick it all
because that implied hoarding
and I needed to trust that
more sage would come to me when it was time.

It was part of respecting the gift
by leaving some with the earth.

Of course I was in no mood
for that nonsense and
I just grabbed it all.

I wanted enough sage to burn for
At least a couple weeks when I got home.

Needless to say she was annoyed
and we drove back to her place in silence.

We both kind of let it go because
I was leaving and we had a reasonably
nice 2 weeks together.

We didn’t want this last thing
to ruin our time so
we hugged warmly
and said goodbye.

I continued heading out west and
my next stop was Drumheller, Alberta.

Drumheller is a town that exists inside
a crater that was carved by glaciers.
It is actually one of the best sites for
dinosaur fossils because of the exposed layers of rock.

Beautiful Scenery All Around

As I drove into the town I was
admiring the beautiful scenery.
I looked at the hills all around me.
I also noticed that they were
beautiful bushes three and four feet tall
sticking out of the sides of the rock face.

Suddenly as I was looking at them
it hit me that these bushes were sage.

I pulled over on the side of the road,
got out and climbed up the hill nearest me.

I was surrounded by huge sage bushes.
I could see them Everywhere
and in every direction.

Unreasonable Abundance

I could have spent all day picking it
and filling my car from floor to ceiling
and I would not have even made a dent in
the quantity of sage that was available to me.

I sat down on the ground,
leaned up against one of these
glorious plants and just
shook my head laughing at my folly.

The Voice Who Knows My Heart

And then the voice came to me,
the voice that always shares
deep wisdom and knowing in my heart.

It said:
“Vivek my beloved,
I am always here to take care of you.
I will always shower you with abundance
if you will only allow me to.

I am the air you breathe,
I am the ground you walk upon,
I am the energy that animates your body,
I am the consciousness that allows you
to experience beauty and love
and I am the very beauty and love itself.

In addition to all of these things,
or more accurately
the truth of these things is…
I am you.”

We Are Never Separate, We Can Never Be Separated

The more you realize this and
the more you rely upon
your own consciousness
for your sustenance,
the more unreasonable abundance
on all levels
will be your life.

Sage Today – Tomorrow The World!

It seems I am continuously learning
the same lesson over and over.

When I push and fight and struggle
with my external circumstances
only stress results.

If I rely upon my spirit for my sustenance
I will always be taken care of.

I Use The Memory For Healing and Support

I think back to that moment often,
especially in times of fear or despair.

I remember seeing all that sage around me
and it helps me to relax, it helps me to breathe
and trust that there is a greater force at work.

When I do operate from this perspective
the quality of my life is enriched
and the beauty and joy of
my moments increases dramatically.

Thank you dear Sage.
I am forever grateful

For those of you who follow my blog
on a regular basis
I want to let you know that this is my 372nd post.

I will be posting about
twice a week from here on out.

On the other days I’ll be working on
compiling, organizing and expanding
the last years’ worth of writing into a book.

This book will be about Conscious Parenting
With a heavy focus on Self-development.
Pretty much exactly what this blog has been about.


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