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Be a Parenting Ninja

Storming the Castle

When the ninja would plan
to take over a fortified castle
they would do attack on many fronts.

They would send some soldiers in to attack directly,
they would send some climbing over the wall,
some digging under the wall,
some swimming through the moat.

They would also plant spies
on the inside of the castle
months in advance.

Most likely the guy
cleaning the outhouse
or the gardener plucking weeds.

People so unimportant that
they were practically invisible.
They would keep their heads down and
just do their jobs for months…
until the moment of the strike.

Having all of these different groups attacking
in different ways on different fronts
created a havoc that was near impossible
for the guards protecting the castle to deal with.

Attack on Many Fronts

In a similar way when dealing with
any situation in life it is a good idea
to attack from many fronts.

If you work with
The physical
The mental
The emotional
and the Spiritual
all at the same time
your chances for success will increase.

This is particularly poignant in parenting

I have written many posts about
dealing with things on
the mental and emotional level,
today I want to touch on the spiritual.

Specifically I am going to talk about the use of visualization.

I believe our lines are created
from the inside out.

I am sure you have heard about
the law of attraction.

The idea is that whatever thoughts you hold
in your mind affect the circumstances of your life.

Personally I prefer to think of it as
The Law Of Creation
because attraction implies something has to
already exist and you are drawing its towards you.

There is an inherent limitation in this content.

Instead, thinking of it as the law of creation
means that even if the thing I want doesn’t exist
it will be brought into existence through spiritual means.

Visioning, as it relates to parenting
is not about drawing stuff into your life,
but it is about creating a desired circumstance.

The Mechanics of Visioning

The way it works is this,
your child is going through
some kind of situation
that is challenging or difficult.

You can of course address the situation in many ways.
You can talk it over with them,
you can help them set up a plan
and you can support them emotionally.

I do all of these and
I also like to deal with it spiritually
behind the scenes.

Create the Ideal Outcome

What I do is I imagine
what is the ideal outcome
I want for my child.

Then I spend some time
visualizing that outcome.

For example perhaps my daughter is
having a problem with a certain subject in school.

I can see that she is feeling
disheartened about that subject
and perhaps even not enjoying
her experience with the teacher.

In response I might imagine that
she is enthusiastic about the subject
and loving her teacher.

I would see her happy, smiling and laughing.

Sending Out The Vibration

What is happening is I am sending out
the vibration of that vision
and the universe responds.

When I do this visualization
I try and involve all of my senses.
What does it look like?
What does it sound like?
What does it feel like?

It is also useful to feel the emotions
present in your vision.
Actually try and feel the happiness
that you are wishing to create for your child.

The more consistently you engage in this process
the more it will affect the outcome of the situation.

Directed Meditation

This is like meditation directed specifically
at solving problems and creating
positive situations in your child’s life.

This obviously is not a replacement
for working with them on
all the other levels described,
it is something that supports it.

So be like a parenting ninja
and send out your warriors
to attack from every angle.

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