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The Path to the Root


The Path to the Root

I’m better than you because I’m more spiritual

When I first began my
conscious spiritual journey 30 years ago
I went through a long  phase of believing
I was better than other people.

This is a common experience when
people first awaken to the fact that
there is more to reality than we realize.

I started learning about energy,
the power of thoughts, meditation
and a whole host of other things of that sort.

I know the truth, here let me educate you

I felt very powerful and would
preach to anyone who would listen
about the truth of life.

I really felt my truth was the truthiest truth.

I would tell people that they could be free
if they would only make the decision to be so.

I would say that all the power of the universe
was within them if they would only look.

I no longer look down on people from some imagined pedestal

While I still believe those things,
I am no longer speaking at people
from a place separate from them,
believing that I was somehow better than they are
for having had certain realizations.

It was as if I was saying
I already knew these things
and am now teaching them to you,

rather than recognizing that
I am struggling with them just as much
as anyone else.

I thought I was humble

I don’t think I consciously knew I believed that,
in fact I’m sure I thought I was quite humble!

Slowly and painfully over the years
I have learned the lesson that this is not so.

We are walking the same path

I finally realize that we are all
walking the same path
though it may look different at times.

Perhaps a good analogy for this is the tree

The tree has its roots
that connect it to the earth.
It has a single trunk.
It has many branches and leaves.

I think of the roots as enlightenment.
The ultimate state that
connects us to our original source.

The trunk is unconditional love
of self, of everyone and everything.

The branches are the different paths to this pure love.

The Branches Can Be Very Different

Sometimes we’re on the same branches with people,
sometimes we’re on radically different branches.

Sometimes the branches are way up high and
sometimes they are very close to the root.

Some branches are smooth and clean,
while others are gnarled and knotted.

But all the branches are paths to the same trunk,
and the trunk is the path to the root.

Look beyond the branches to the trunk

This analogy helps me to look
beyond the surface of people
and see the commonality that we share.

Knowing that we are all part of the same tree
helps me to feel connected to
even the most distant branches.

No matter how different the branches look,
We are all connected to the same trunk.
We are all in touch with the earth  by the same roots.
We are all nourished from the same earth.

I Embrace My Flawed Humanity

I no longer feel I am above anyone
or better than anyone.
This doesn’t mean I like everyone!
It doesn’t mean people don’t piss me off.

It does mean though, that I recognize
they piss me off because of their flawed humanity.
The very same flawed humanity
that I use very effectively
to piss other people off!

We are on the same journey

We are all flawed together on the same journey
from leaves
to branches
to trunk
to root
to earth.

The roots and the earth are where
all differences melt away
and we are truly one.

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