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The Spiral Of Infinite Growth

The Spiral Of Infinite Growth

I have been writing a blog post a day for almost a year.
In fact this very post is my 364th.

Writing every day has changed me in many ways.

One of the most noticeable changes is
my increasing awareness of
the depth available in every moment.

Having to find something worthwhile
to write about each day has made me
pay close attention to all my
experiences and interactions.

I Have Noticed That There Is A Lesson
Available In Just About Everything.

Certainly in almost every conversation I have
at some point I will comment:
“That is going to be a blog post.”

The lessons that I notice can be
intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Often it is all four of those at the same time!

Parenting and Self-Development are Intimately Connected

This blog has been 50% about conscious parenting
and 50% about self-development/spirituality.

Really they are deeply connected.
I would say that they share a common core
and that is love.

I have written 364 blog posts about love.

How to love your kids,
how to love your friends,
how to love strangers
and especially how to love yourself.

Increasing My Capacity to Love

I think I have increased
my capacity for love
over the past year.

I also am quite certain that
I am more aware of the many ways
in which I am NOT loving.

I have many habits to change,
many attitudes to alter
and many wounds to heal
before I can love as freely,
courageously and openly as I want to.

When I think about it or
when I feel deeply into it
I can sense what this ideal love might be.

I’m not there yet, but
if I can get a little closer to it each day
I know I’m on the right path.

Love is a Practice.
Love is a process.
It is not an on off switch.
It is a lifelong journey.

I have said this before,
Newborn Babies Are Pure Love.
Look into their eyes and you will see it.
When they are suckling their mother’s breast
the love and peace emanates from them
in a way that most everyone can feel.

We all had access to the state of
perfect love when we were babies.

Throughout the course of our lives
as we experienced trauma, abuse,
betrayal and many other forms of pain
we learned to protect ourselves, to fear
and we lost the open and free trust
we felt in those early days.

All of these layers covering our perfect light
diminish the love we are able to shine into the world.
We have been unable to give our highest gifts.

This affects every area of our life
and has a profound effect on
our parenting experience.

It is possible however
to reclaim that original
love consciousness.

This is really what it’s all about I think,
having something,
losing it
and then reclaiming it
at a higher stage.

It is like we live on a spiral.
Every time we come back
to the same point in the circle
we have grown to a new level.

This Is The Spiral Of Infinite Growth

As we clear out the obstructions
and heal our wounds
our love can flow more freely
in every moment and
to everyone we interact with.

In doing so hopefully
we can help to awaken that love in others.

Working Together to Make a Difference

This is what my blog is really about.
This is what my life is about.
And for most of you who follow my writings
I know that this is also what your life is about.

Working together in this way
we can make a difference.

I’m grateful to everyone for their
encouragement and support over the past year.
Every comment and every kind word
has meant more to me than you can know.

Moving forward from here into the next phase
I am hoping to expand all of this writing into a book,
to make some videos and a proper website.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “The Spiral Of Infinite Growth

  1. I have only recently subscribed to your blog, and in truth, this is the first I have read. I am looking forward with joyous anticipation to what is to come. Thank you.

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