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Embracing The New Means Letting The Old Die

Embracing The New Means Letting The Old Die

Being Solution Minded Requires
Letting Go Of Old Ideas.

I see so many people who hold on to old ideas
even though they are not working.

Even when they themselves recognize and state clearly
that the way they’re doing things is not working,
they still seem to resist a new idea.

Disagreeing with My Parenting Philosophy

A friend of a friend has read some of my parenting posts
and vigorously disagrees with my philosophy.

She has made many comments expressing this.
Most of the comments indicate that
she doesn’t really understand the way to
implement the conscious parenting style.

She has the feeling that if we have
too much respect for kids
and give them too much freedom
they will just go out of control.

The Thought And The Reality Are In Conflict

And yet she is constantly battling with her own children.
They don’t listen to her and
they all don’t get along very well.
They are always in conflict.

It is like the various things she thinks will happen
with the conscious parenting approach
is actually happening to her
using the traditional approach.

Even with this being the case
she continues to resist and defend against
the cooperative and collaborative
parenting style that I share.

I must say I find this an
absolutely fascinating phenomenon.

I Try to Push Through the Resistance

I’m quite certain that I engage in it as well.
I know that I also resist new ideas,
especially when they require me
to change something significant.

The thing is, at least I am aware of this
and do my best to push through the resistance.

Convincing Myself To Let Go

Throughout my years of self-development work
I have slowly convinced myself that I am
better off embracing the new and
letting go of the old when it is no longer serving me.

It is similar to studying martial arts actually.
I have found in my almost 30 years of
learning and teaching martial arts
that every time I think I know something
I learn a deeper level and realize
I have to change completely.

This can be maddening and frustrating,
and yet only by accepting it can I
continue to evolve, grow and improve.

There is that saying:
“Have you been doing it for 30 years,
or have you repeated one year 30 times?”

I Want To Always Be Open To Change

In every aspect of my life:
martial arts
jewelry making
dancing and
I want to continuously evolve.

This is why I work at embracing
new and challenging ideas.
So I don’t get too comfortable
and simply maintain the status quo.

When I look at who I am today
it seems very different than who I was a year ago.

I hope that when I look at myself a year from now
compared to this moment
I will again feel completely different.

Push Through the Pain and Fear

This is what being solution minded is all about.
It is about change and growth
it is about learning and improving
it is about making a difference
even when it can be challenging and painful to do so.

Pain is often accompanied by fear.
If we can face and move through both
then we will find a great peace on the other side.

The thing is we must be willing to admit
that we have pain and fear
if we’re going to work through them.
If we avoid admitting them and facing them
They will always control us.

Increasing Our Happiness

As we increase our knowledge
and ability to learn and grow
to face our fears
and embrace new ideas

so will the quality of our lives
and the depth and stability
of our happiness increase.

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