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Beauty and Pain

Beauty and Pain


I believe we’re guided throughout our lives to what we need.
Every experience is for our highest good.
Every challenge is there for us
to learn and grow from.

Pain is part of growth
for we must let go of the old
to welcome in the new.

Blinded by the Pain

Sometimes the pain is great
and lasts a long time.
When this happens it can
blind you to the beauty all around.

It is good to remember that both
pain and beauty exist.
We must expend the effort to deal with the pain
and appreciate the beauty.

Don’t Give Up

Keep the love in your heart,
the faith in your spirit
and you’ll find your way out of the maze.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the
negative energy that finds its way to you.

The Challenge of the Warrior

You are fighting the good fight
to live consciously and lovingly
so you’ll be challenged along the way.

A warrior of spirit is always challenged.

My saying is:

“You cannot cut off the head of the demon while hiding in the bushes!”

Fight On

So continue to step out of the bushes and fight on.
Bear the pain a little longer.
It has a message for you.
Remember to seek and find the beauty.
It is there to remind you of your truth.

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