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Unopposed Joy

unopposed joy

Beyond Feeling

There is a state of joy
that is beyond feeling.

There is a feeling of joy,
and then there is a Being of joy

A Feeling Needs a Feeler

They are slightly different
In the feeling, you are aware of a feeling and a feeler
In the being, it is all one

The feeling state has opposites
to feel joy we must know sadness
therefore we end up feeling sadness
to feel relaxed we end up feeling tense.

Beyond the Opposites

But when the joy is BEING and not feeling,
and this cannot really be put into words,
it has to be experienced
(and honestly, I’m only just beginning to get this myself,
though I’ve had some experiences with it over the years.)

But when you are BEING JOY and not feeling joy
It has no opposite
It is pure, in and of itself
It exists out of time
and beyond the world of duality

This being is not subject to the oscillations of life
the YinYang of being human
Of pleasure – pain
Peace – tension
Love – anger

In order to feel, we have to accept
the opposites rearing their heads into our lives.

Feeling is not Wrong

Let me be clear about something
Feelings are a natural part of human nature
I’m not putting them down
They are rich and beautiful.
I love both the Joy and the Pain.
I’m a very deeply feeling person.

Often when spiritual teacher types talk about
Going beyond the opposites they give the message
That our humanity is somehow wrong.
That we are broken and need to be fixed.

I do not believe this.

Every Part of Us is Divine

I believe that every part of us is Divine
and that it’s important for us to accept both
the dark and the light sides of our personalities.

The Ocean Beneath The Waves

At the same time there is a level of being
that is like the deep, still and quiet
ocean beneath the waves.

I’m not suggesting that we get rid of the waves,
just that we get in touch with the oceanic depths of our Spirit.

Foundational Happiness

This is where foundational happiness exists.
It isn’t a mask we wear to cover up our pain,
but deep self-knowledge of our true being
unchanging and unchangeable within.

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