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Making The Transition From Control And Consequence To Communication And Cooperation

Making The Transition From Control And Consequence
Making The Transition From Control And Consequence

To Communication And Cooperation

Supporting Parents Through the Transition

My work as a conscious parenting educator
is in part to help families make the transition
from a control, consequence and punishment based
interaction with their kids
to one based on communication,
collaboration and cooperation.

This always brings families closer together.
Everyone’s lives improve and the
home becomes a more joyous place.

The Old Patterns Are Deeply Ingrained

It is not easy to make the switch because
the old patterns are deeply ingrained.
They are deep in our consciousness and even in our cells.

We also have many many generations of this pattern
established in our systems and society.

So when someone comes along and says:
“You don’t have to control your kids.”
it can seem like a wild fantasy.

There Are Dangers, Traps And Pitfalls Along The Way

The journey from one mode of parenting to the other
can be fraught with difficulties.
Many times things won’t go exactly as we imagine,
sometimes we ourselves slip back into
the old ways of thinking and acting
and there will be many times
when you just want to give up.

I Share Helpful Concepts And Techniques

That is one of the benefits of having someone like me
to talk to on a regular basis.
I can help keep you on track during the difficult times.
I can offer specific concepts and techniques
to work with difficult situations.

I also help in reframing the way we see
our kids behaviour and help with the struggles
when they don’t treat us like we wish they would.

Learning to See the Cause of Behaviour

For example there are times when our kids
are disrespectful and it really hurts our feelings.
When we give and give and then receive disrespect
it feels so ungrateful and can make us wonder
why we put so much effort into this
if all we’re going to get is rudeness in return.

These are real and valid feelings
and yet they can be lessened and minimized
if we understand why kids are doing the things they do.

I Wish My Kids Weren’t So Rude

For example instead of seeing a child’s rudeness
as something they are doing to hurt us
or get a reaction out of us,

if we see it as them expressing their pain,
reaching out for comfort, support, love and healing
then suddenly we see them and
their behaviour in a whole new light.

We also then can see the appropriate reaction much more clearly.

Making Parenting Easier

If you would like to move more towards
A communication and cooperation based parenting model
I encourage you to give me a call and try working with me.
It can make things much easier on you.

I offer a half hour free consultation to discuss
how we can work together.

I also offer a sliding scale of fees
to assist people who are unable to afford my services
because I never want money to get in the way
of someone bringing more harmony into their home.

I Want To See You Increase The Harmony In Your Home
And Become Closer With Your Kids

That is why I do this, because I care and I want to see
more families enjoy the kind of happiness, harmony
and close relationship that I have with my child.

Our home is such a happy place because
of the work that we all do to make it so.

One of my greatest joys is being able to share
the concepts and tools with other families,
that help to create this kind of home environment.

If this is interesting to you, or if you are curious
please send me an email and lets discuss the possibilities.

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