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Stay Rooted In Love

stay rooted in love

Seeking Peace and Harmony

Harmony is won through hard work.
It requires much effort to attain the effortless.

I’ve been consciously working on self-development
like a madman for almost 30 years
and I still feel like a beginner.

I have moments of inner peace and harmony,
sometimes it lasts for days,
but it is not yet my continuous state.

When it is my baseline mode of existence,
that will be pretty cool.

City Life Teaches Spiritual Wisdom

Living in the city gives me many opportunities
to practice having a peaceful mind.

When I’m in traffic and someone cuts me off
or when someone is totally rude (city life)
there are times that I just lose my mind.

Sometimes though I can see past it
to the hidden beauty,
the spirit behind,
the pain beneath the surface,
the love within.

When this happens I can choose a different reaction
or perhaps a different reaction spontaneously arises.

Anger Creates Residue and Ripples

When the anger gets its hooks in me
I feel the residue for days.
It robs me of my peace and I know that
the energy leaks out and affects everyone in my life.

In the same way when my reaction comes from love
that energy also leaks out and effects everyone in my life.
Clearly in a much more preferable way.

Have Patience With Yourself As You Strive For Inner Peace

It’s a process and
a lifelong practice.
This is why we must be
very patient with ourselves.

Every moment of the day has
opportunities for doing this work.

With consistent effort I have found
that as time passes I am more often able
to see the underlying reality
and stay rooted in love.

Celebrate Yourself

Every time we have a success
no matter how small
if we glorify it
and feel gratitude and joy
we can amplify the results.

Every time we make a mistake
or fall from the path of peace,
if we can forgive ourselves,
love ourselves
and truly learn from the experience
we also propel ourselves along the path.

Striving towards a life of peace and harmony
Does not mean denying our negative emotions

In fact if we ignore or repress our
anger, hurt, pain and
feelings of aggression and vengeance
then they will end up controlling us.

True healing occurs when
we are able to face these things within us,
embrace them and
offer them acceptance and love.

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