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Laughter Is A Shortcut To The Land Beyond Time And Space

Laughter Heals you and Reveals you

Spiritual Revelation at the CBC?

Tonight I went to see taping of the CBC Radio Show
called “Because News” with Gavin Crawford.

The guests were Mary Walsh of this hour has 22 minutes,
Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea and
Stand-up comedian Aisha Alfa.

because news 1

Sitting with my daughter, we spent
the entire hour and a half laughing and laughing.

All four of them are quite funny.
As it is a news comedy show
they also discussed serious issues along with all the jokes.

Mary Walsh, Warrior Princess – Silly, Smart and Insightful

I was especially impressed with Mary Walsh.
I have being a fan of hers for a long long time,
but this was the first experience seeing her live.

What moved me about her was how effortlessly she moved
between silliness, intelligent humour and insightful observations.

At one point she started talking about how language evolves.
So many people put down the way young people communicate,
using short forms etc.
She on the other hand made the point that
society changes and language changes.
Being stuck in the past is just that being stuck.

As someone who always takes the side of young people
I very much appreciated that prospective.

Immediately after that of course
she made a poop joke
which shows her wonderful versatility!

Laughter Creates Bonds Between People

Laughter is such an energizing and healing experience.
We left the studio feeling so high.

Sharing laughter with my daughter
is a deeply bonding experience as well.

Laughter Transports Us

I think laughter takes us out of our linear brain.
It is like a shortcut to the spirit,
to the land beyond time and space.

Laughter reveals the essence of who we are
and by laughing together we can see that
we have the same essence.

Priestesses and Shamans

This is the gift we receive from those
who make people laugh on a regular basis.

They are healers,
spiritual guides and
revealers of the truth.

They are all these things because
all these things are contained within laughter.

It is a magical nectar that nourishes and sustains us.

Laughter is Essential in Powerful Parenting

As a parent I have always felt it very important
to laugh a lot with my child.
I put effort and attention into finding times to laugh,
making jokes and cultivating a positive and
uplifting sense of humour together.

Laughter is an integral part of my relationship with my daughter.
We love each other,
we learn from each other and
we laugh together.

This really describes us so well.

The years and years of laughter have created
such a powerful bond between us that
I don’t believe anything could ever threaten it.

Laughter Heals You and Reveals You

Find every opportunity you can to laugh.
Even when life is hard,
perhaps especially when life is hard,
let the laughter in.

Let it lift you,
let it nourish you,
let it heal you and
let it connect you to
the source of infinite joy
that is your true self.

Here is a short poem I wrote
a number of years ago about laughter:

and you lose it

Look for it
and it hides

Love and
it will reveal itself

Laugh and
you become it

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