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Acknowledging the good amplifies the good


The ordeal of buying concert tickets

This morning tickets for the Marianas Trench concert went on sale at 10 a.m.

This is my daughter’s favorite band.
She definitely wanted to get tickets.
Because they are so popular the concert usually sells out in the first 20 minutes or so.
This meant we had to act fast.

We both sat at our laptops and refreshed the Ticketmaster page at exactly 10 o’clock.

We kept pressing the “buy” button,
but it did not go through.
There were so many people trying to buy tickets
that the site kept going down.

One time I did get my tickets to go through,
but it crashed when trying to process the credit card.

We were both quite stressed and frantic trying to make this happen!


Finally at 10:25 somehow we got through,
it accepted payment and we got our tickets.

Both of us were stressed and sweating after that experience.
We needed some time to come down from it and decompress!
You wouldn’t think buying concert tickets could be so intense, but it really was.

Recognizing and acknowledging the positive

About 15 minutes later we were both in the living room together and I turn to her and said:

“You know one lovely thing about this morning was that
even though we were both stressed
and kind of freaking out trying to buy those tickets
we never snapped at each other once.

Usually when people are doing something under such
stressful conditions they tend to
speak to each other harshly or snap at each other.

Celebrating our good relationship

The fact that we treated each other so lovingly and respectfully
even in the midst of what we were feeling and going through.
I think is a really amazing testament to our relationship.”

She felt the same and said so

She replied that she also felt it was nice the way we interacted.
She said probably we both knew that this kind of thing can happen
and so we put effort into making sure its didn’t.

I told her that was a very wise observation.

We both left that conversation feeling very uplifted and supported.

Acknowledgment really uplifts people

It means so much to people to have good moments acknowledged.

It is even more special when parents give this kind of
specific acknowledgement to their kids.

They feel seen.
The recognition of the good in them increases
the level of their self-esteem and self-image.

Assisting our children in their self-development

It also helps them to pay attention to those specific qualities in the future.

In this way we can assist in their self-development.

I look for every opportunity to acknowledge my daughter in this way.
In fact I try to do it with most people that I interact with
because I know what a profound effect it can have.

Vivek needs love too

I also try and do this to myself
because I enjoy the experience of being
a good support and encourager of Vivek.
He’s a pretty good guy and deserves
some positive reinforcement now and then!

Nourishing ourselves helps us to nourish others

I have noticed that the more Vivek encourages Vivek
the more he tends to encourage others.

The more Vivek seems to believe in himself and love himself
the more sincere his encouragement is
when he offers it to his child.

Increase your practice of acknowledging others and reapĀ  the wonderful benefits

Try and practice this skill of recognizing and acknowledging
good qualities in your children, in other people and in yourself. You will soon see the benefits.

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