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Protect Your Spiritual Recovery With All Your Might

protect your spiritual recovery

The Heart is Smart

Did you know that the human heart,
before it pumps blood to the body,
takes the blood it needs to nourish itself first?

and only when it has what it needs,
does it send out the life sustaining blood
to the rest of the body.

Gather Your Own Energy

In the same way
we must gather our spirit, our love, our energy
and nourish ourselves, strengthen ourselves.

We must dig deep roots
and soar to great heights.
We must think, grow, heal and feel.

Nourish Yourself In Order To Give

When we have reached a certain stage
where those things are deeply entrenched and cannot easily be shaken
then we can freely give and give

Be Wary of Those Who Would Use You

Until then, we are vulnerable
to those who would try and use us.
There are people who want to
suck our energy and life force.

I am sure you know one or two like this.

They deplete our energy,
eat away at our ability to create
and be at peace with ourselves and our world.

Give Without Destroying Yourself

Of course it is good to give love in your life
as much as you can
as deeply as you can,
but not in a way that destroys you.

Be aware of those that would drag you down
and avoid them as much as you can.

Build a Rich Inner LIfe

Keep company with seekers and lovers of life,
bringers of light
and fighters of fear, pain and hate.

Fan the flames of your own heart
till they shine brighter than the sun
and hotter than the hottest star.

Lighting up the world,
burning to cinders
the limitations of ego, greed and power.

The World Will Not Always Support Your Spiritual Recovery

It’s good to realize that the world may want you to feel
like you’re being selfish when protecting your recovery.

Remember that the reason you’re doing it is
so you can give love and service to the universe
in the highest form possible.

To make yourself into a harmonious instrument
through which the Divine will play
the beautiful melody of your life for all the world to hear.


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