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Fight the Tyrants, but Preserve Your Soul

Fight the Tyrants Preserve Your Soul-gandhi

Gandhi Speaks

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murders, and for a time they may seem invincible, but in the end they always fall, always.”


The movie ‘Gandhi’ is one of my favourites.
I know there are a lot of historical inaccuracies in it,
but hey, it’s a movie.

Living by Principle

What I like about it is the idea of a person living by their principles.
even when it’s difficult, even when pain and death are the potential cost
he did not stray from the path of his integrity.

Again, I know that this may not have been totally true of the actual person,
but the movie inspires me every time I see it.

Fighting the Good Fight can be Difficult and Painful

Mr. Gandhi did not say that it was an easy thing
Nor did he say that it would not be without pain and sacrifice.
He did not say that it was okay for people to suffer.
He did not say that his words should be a comfort
when confronted with the suffering of the masses

But it is a message of endurance
a message of purpose
and of perseverance.

Never Give Up On The Ideals Of Truth And Love

because they are the most powerful forces in existence.

This is what we must remember when things get tough,
when pain and suffering happens,
when the bad guys get away,
when the innocent are sacrificed.

It is at these times of pain that we can be tempted to give in
to the negative energy that is always around us.

When Evil Tempts Us Take Root in the Good

It is at these times when evil tempts us
that Gandhi wanted us to take root in the good,
in the higher ideals, in the more difficult,
but more honourable path.

He was asking us not to join the tyrants
in fighting the tyrants.
Nor to let them win by giving up on

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