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Experiencing Beauty Without An Opposite

Experiencing Beauty Without An Opposite

The Opposites Rule

We live in a world of duality.
All qualities are relative to something else.
Yet I do believe in a reality that is beyond the opposites.

It’s hard to talk about it,
because our language is not derived from that reality.

Beauty is Relative

In the common view we can only know beauty
by comparing it to ugliness.
That viewpoint comes from the idea of relativity
There exists a spectrum from extreme beauty to extreme ugly
and everything lies somewhere on that spectrum.

Beauty is in the Eye

It is also a personal thing.
I may place an object at one place on the spectrum
and you might place it somewhere very different.
We can certainly see this with things like art and music.
Their relative beauty is highly subjective.

Pure Beauty Has No Opposite

This is true in most cases,
but there is a PURE beauty that exists,
that has no opposite.
it exists in and of itself
independent of individual perception.

We cannot experience this beauty
while we are in a state of separation
because when I’m separate I do have my own perception
my own opinion and feelings.

Meditation Reveals This Unopposed Beauty to Us

That is why meditation is so important
it transports us to the state of unity
where we can experience the absolute
and leave behind the relative.

When we see the absolute reality
that is supporting this relative reality
we achieve a very different perspective on the world.

There Is A Particular Beauty Of Existence Itself

This beauty does not rely upon
a comparison to something else.
It is not dependent upon my feelings or my experience.

When I am able to perceive my oneness with all creation
when I can feel a sense of my inherent oneness with all things
then I experience this beauty from the inside out.

Beauty is a Pre-Existing Condition

Perhaps that is why it is not dependent
upon my perception or my feelings
because it does not come from that thing
Nor does it really come from me

I think that it is a pre-existing condition that I become aware of.
The condition of my Self.

Your Essence is Beauty

This awareness shows me that
My essence,
Your essence
and the essence of all things
is beauty.

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