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Meditation is More Dangerous Than Skydiving – Meditation and Death part 1

meditation is more dangerous than skydiving

Going Within

Sometimes we talk about meditation as
Going Within

or we say that
all the answers are within.

I understand the idea that we don’t want to
depend on the external for our spiritual sustenance.
We want to go beyond our perceived limitations.
So we go within and seek a deeper wisdom.

And yet there is a flavour of separation in these ideas.

Within Where?

If we are truly Infinite then
“Going within” is an inaccurate term
It implies that there exists a within and a without
yet the formless has no such thing.

There is nothing that is not IT

The formless, infinite spirit that we are
has no separation.
There is nothing that is not IT.
There is no part of you that isn’t infinite.

Language Twists and Turns about the Infinite

When we try to communicate about the infinite
language becomes very odd.
To talk of it at all is a very strange exercise.
We cannot talk of it enough to
ever create a complete picture.

Language is from the world of form
so to talk of the formless with language
will always produce contradictions and inaccuracies.

Poetry Can Slip Through The Cracks Of Limitation

We may have to turn to the poets
to get a taste of the unbounded reality
through language

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”
– William Blake

We use language for convenience
but to touch the Truth… the TRUTH
we must go beyond language.

The Form Is Seeking The Formless

This is the very reason that it is a hard thing to achieve,
because in order for one to attain the formless
the form must disappear

or in more plain language
for me to attain the Divine
I must DIE

and hell, that’s a scary thing.

That’s why meditation is the most dangerous thing you can do

“Meditation is more dangerous than skydiving.
With skydiving you may die,
with meditation you WILL die.”

Somewhere inside my heart
I know I’m fundamentally infinite,
but I haven’t yet fully realized this.

While I’ve touched the feeling at times,
it is not my everyday reality,
so I meditate to conquer my fear of death.

One day I will leave this form,
I will find the formless,
BE the formless
and die
before I die.

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