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The Wig in the Wind


Shopping for Socks

I was in the in a clothing store with my daughter
and as we were about to check out
I saw a sign that said
‘SPC cards accepted here’
It is some kind of student discount card.
This meant that we could get 10% off if we used my daughters card.

I asked her to pull her card out of her wallet,
but she had left it in the car.

Ten percent is ten percent,
so we decided to head out and get it.

As soon as we walked out the door I saw this
old woman running across the parking lot.

The Wig in the Wind

She must have been about 65-70 years old and was
chasing her wig as it was flying away.
It was very windy that day and it had blown off her head.

Super Vivek to the Rescue

There was no way she was going to catch it
so being the hero that I am
I immediately sprang into action!

I started chasing after the wig and yelled back to her:

“Don’t worry ma’am I will get it for you.”

She stopped running and stared after me
as I ran across the parking lot.

That Wig Was Really Moving

And I do think that
just when I started chasing it the wind picked up
and it went even faster.

Every time I was almost upon it
That thing would accelerate.
I practically had to dive for it in the end.

I felt like I was chasing a wild animal a very furry wild animal a very furry wild animal rolling across the parking lot.

The Prey Fell Before My Might

Eventually I got it and held it up in victory.

By that time her daughter had come out of the store wondering where her mom was
and watched me in my hunt.

At that point all of us were laughing hysterically
at this comical show.
I returned her wig to her with a flourish.

They were very grateful.
And we all had a great laugh.

Her daughter helped her put it back on
and my daughter and I retrieved
the SPC card from the car and went back into the store.

The Non-Random Nature of the Universe

The timing of my exiting store was so perfect
for me to be able to help that womyn
that it really made me think about the non-random nature of the universe.

Not an Accident

I do not believe that I just happened to be there at that moment.
I believe everything was set up quite specifically for me to be there at that moment.

Of course there is no way to prove this idea
one way or the other,
but I have had way too many examples in my life
to believe everything occurs by random chance.

Choosing to Wear Ultimate Rose Coloured Glasses

Seeing the world through this lens gives me
a very interesting perspective.

Most of the time I do not think that things happen TO me,
rather I think they happen FOR me.

I have a consciously chosen,
self-reinforcing delusion
about the fundamental benevolence of existence.

That is quite a sentence!

I Falter in this Daily

I don’t always see the world this way.
When I catch myself feeling
like something is happening TO me
and not FOR me

I know it is time to reaffirm my belief
in the non-random nature of the universe.

That mysterious force that
led me to save
that womyn’s wig.

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