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Victory Over Self

victory over self

Addicted to Winning

I used to be quite addicted to arguing.
I really wanted to win.

I rarely had an open conversation with anyone
because my focus was on being right.

I’m sure I was very difficult to be around at times!

Compensating For a Lack of Self-Esteem

I think that my sense of self was dependent
upon defeating my opponent.
Even though there really was no opponent.

The only enemy I had was in my own mind.
My lack of self-worth
My fear of not being accepted
These things caused me to act in
self-destructive ways.

Love Doesn’t Need To Argue

Loving wisdom does not concern itself with
winning and defeating.
It concerns itself with uplifting and increasing harmony.

My fear of losing wasn’t about the argument itself.
The fact that I would get caught up in arguing
would leave a painful residue in me
because I was not seeking to express my heart.

My ego shone through my words and actions.
I didn’t know it at the time,
but now I am aware enough to recognize that
I’m filled with ego and am not afraid to admit it.

Love and Kindness are Victories In and Of Themselves

I have learned that my true strength comes from
being able to find kindness in my heart and
feeling free to express it.

When I least feel like expressing it
is when I most need to.

Now instead of getting lost in arguing
And trying to be victorious over another person
I am working on being victorious over myself.

The problem is not the other
It is my own.

The Inner Battle Is A Glorious One

Yet to have the problem of working at
believing in love over hate
and in harmony over divisiveness
is to be truly blessed.

This is a problem I welcome with open arms
This way is more difficult than simply weaving words to appear intelligent.
This is heart intelligence
Soul intelligence
It requires faith, courage and the warrior’s heart

The Ninja Fought the True Enemy

The NIN in Ninjutsu means

These things are not easily come by.

I strive to embody these qualities
and fight bravely on the battlefield of Love.

Will you join me?

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