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The Ocean Cannot Abandon The Wave

The Ocean Cannot Abandon The Wave

The Wave and the Ocean are One

The ocean cannot abandon the wave
any more than the wave can abandon the ocean.

In reality they are inseparable
They are one and the same.

Despite all appearances to the contrary
The divine can never abandon you
And you can never abandon it.

Oneness is Not a Choice, It is Fundamental Reality

This is not because the divine is all loving and wonderful
Nor is it necessarily because you have great faith,
although you very well may.

The reason you cannot abandon
or be abandoned by the divine
Is because you are the divine.

There is no part of you that is not divine
Just like there is no part of the wave that is not ocean.

We Have Access To The Divine Power

And because we are divine
we have access to the full power of divinity

We are not borrowing this power
We are not using some external power
We are not “channelling” power from somewhere else

It is ours
Or more accurately
It is us

Removing the Illusion of Separation

If your religion or idea of spirituality
requires you to have some separation
between you and the divine,
like a separate god or goddess that you worship,
then this idea will be very hard for you to hear.

It is all about removing separation.
Or rather realizing that there never was a separation.

This is not an easy thing to do
I myself AM always struggling with it.

The Struggling Wave

It seems a funny picture to me,
The wave struggling
to believe it is ocean.
Preposterous truly.

And yet here I am struggling as I do
Day by day
minute by minute

The Laughing Wave

At least I can laugh at myself
And I do
Day by day
Minute by minute

Life would be far too difficult
if I couldn’t laugh at myself.

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