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You are a gift to the world – You are a gift to me

you are a gift to the world

How We See Our Kids Affects How They See Themselves

One of the biggest influences in
the development of a child’s self-image
is the way their parents view them from day one.

When a child is seen as:
an inconvenience,
a challenge,
as disobedient,
Or even cruel and thoughtless,
this is how they begin to see themselves.

When kids are seen as beautiful, intelligent,
loving, curious and adventurous,
this is how they will learn to see themselves.

What Do Your Children See In Your Eyes?

Just imagine what your child’s experience would be
if every time you looked at them
they could see in your eyes
that you think they are a gift to the world
and a gift to you.

Imagine how it would feel if every time
you interacted with your parents
they saw you and treated you
as if you were a being of pure light,
a divine presence in their lives.

Even when you are at your worst.

Growing Up With a Positive Self-Image

This would be so uplifting.
You would have grown up believing
that you were inherently worthy of love.

You would not acquire any of the usual negative ideas
we end up believing about ourselves.

At least their effects would be greatly minimized.

The World Does Not Want Us To Love Ourselves

I guess it’s not possible to avoid them altogether
because we are subjected to the world and all of its effects.

The fact is, the world is not set up
to bolster our self-esteem and self-worth.

It is quite the opposite actually.

What we can do however, is to take the edge off the damage
that is done to kids through their experience with
other adults,
the media including
music videos,
and advertising.

I Shine The Light Of Love And Admiration To My Daughter

My daughter is now 18 years old
and I still shine these beautiful thoughts
like fire through my eyes
every time I interact with her.

I don’t necessarily say these words out loud,
but I shoot this feeling at her like a laser beam.
I take it very seriously, I do it very intensely
and as consistently as I can.

A Powerful and Positive Message

You are a gift to the world
You are a gift to me
You are a Divine Being of Light
You are brilliant and beautiful
I love you, admire you
and accept you exactly as you are.

The Message is Clear, Even In Difficult Moments

Even when her behaviour might be less than desirable
the love, admiration and respect
does not diminish from my eyes.
In fact I consciously burn it brighter in these moments.

Unconditional Positive Opinion

She knows, deep inside,
that my view of her is unconditional.
It does not waver.
It cannot be diminished.
No matter what she does.

Nothing To Prove

The effect of this is that she doesn’t feel like
she has to prove these things to herself or anyone.
She knows she is wonderful, she knows she is great.
And yet she is extremely humble and unassuming
because she just feel this to be her natural state.

True humility comes from
Deep self-knowledge,
a powerful and positive self-image
and a loving heart.

All Kids Are Equally Divine

I also do my best to shine
this light of admiration upon
every child that I interact with.

Even just one moment of being seen that way
can alter a person’s entire life.

Adults Too?

I do this with adults as well,
but I have to do if somewhat under cover.

With kids I can take off the shield
and expose this powerful visions to them directly.
I do not have to mask the intensity of my feelings to them. They soak it up like magic.

If I were to do that with most adults
they would just freak out.

Oh, You Are A Gift To The World As Well

Whenever I write a post like this I always like to end in a similar way
And that is to remind myself
and everyone
That in order to see our kids this way
on a consistent basis
We must practice seeing ourselves this way
on a consistent basis.

What a challenge this is!

The Challenge Of Self-Love

Can I say these things to myself?

I am a gift to the world
I am a gift to me
I am a Divine Being of Light
I am brilliant and beautiful
I love me, admire me
and accept myself exactly as I am.

Even just writing this
is somewhat mind blowing.

I certainly believe this about myself
more today than I did a year ago.
I believe it a hell of a lot more than I did 10 years ago.

I Want To Give My Daughter An Inner Head Start

Hopefully my daughter has grown up
believing this about herself quite significantly.

That way she can start from a place
where I am only just now beginning to reach.
Really loving herself.

Starting with so much advantage
she has an opportunity to grow and expand
into something that I cannot even conceive.

Her Potential Is Limitless

I am 47 years old, or at least I will be in a couple of months.
She is 18 years old,
18 and a half to be exact.

That is a difference of 29 years.
I cannot imagine what kind of person she will be
three decades from now.
30 years to work on herself
and learn about herself,
her potential is limitless.

(I just told her that I was writing this about her.
That she has limitless potential.
She responded:
“That’s Cool”
She’s so cool!)

If and when she has kids
she will be able to do a much better job as a parent than I did.
Hopefully she will take all of this to
a whole nother level.

This is how conscious evolution of humanity will occur

Conscious Generational Evolution.

I can only think that if we can get this idea
and put it into action
the human race can become something wonderful and beautiful.

I do believe we have the potential for harmony inside of us.

Certainly looking at a lot of the deeply painful things
that are happening in the world
it can be hard to believe this.
In fact it often looks like we are headed
for complete self destruction!

I Believe In Humanity

I have hope though, that we can do better
and I pray that we will.

At least let us start
by practicing the art
of seeing their light,
their divinity
and general amazingness
when we interact with our kids.

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