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Chasing Ecstasy

chasing ecstasy
Negative Comfort

I find a certain comfort
when the world confirms my negative expectations.
It feels safe and familiar.
In order for me to go beyond that i must abandon that comfort
and let go of that safety.

This can be frightening,
But it leads to a greater safety.

It’s true that we set ourselves up isn’t’ it?
I find it to be a full time job
keeping ahead of this tendency.

Choosing Our Thoughts

This is where part of the struggle of self-development comes in.
To put real effort into thinking the thoughts that I want to think.
Rather than just thinking whatever my past has programmed me to think.

If I go along with my programming
there is a greater tendency for me to live
in an atmosphere of negativity.

If I want to create a positive and uplifting inner environment for myself
I must control what goes into and out of my mind.

Just like paying attention to
what goes into and out of my body
to keep it healthy.

Eating Can Be For More Than Just Health

And yet there is more to eating than just staying healthy.
Eating can be a joy and an ecstatic experience.

My inner world can be the same.
My thoughts can be just for sustenance
or they can be a gourmet.

Turn the Mundane into the Spectacular

Turning the mundane into the spectacular
is a great gift of attention
Boredom disappears forever

Original thought brings freedom and joy.
Yet it is a challenging thing to accomplish
So often we’re on automatic
and we churn out the same goods over and over

Being Original is the Challenge

To see beyond the veil of my programming
and be authentic
and real
is a difficult and wondrous task

Original doesn’t mean no one has ever said or done the thing before
it means it’s coming from my fresh and ever new spirit
and not from my stale, and always dreary old programming

A stanza from a spoken word poem I wrote almost 20 years ago

Taste the flavour
Of knowledge gained from your soul
And not the strained, programmed, robotic, static ideology
That has kept you in control.

Chasing Ecstasy.
Something I work on daily.

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