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“The Prison of 2” or “1+1=1”

the prison of 2

Where Are You?

I’m here.

Can you hear me?
Can you see me?

I’m here
Right here
Looking back at you from
Inside your eyelids

Close your eyes and you’ll see me
Right there
Right here

If we are One,
how is it possible for me to be here
and you to be there?
Do you know what I mean?

Human Existence is a Prison

Even a golden cage is still a cage.
A prison with cable TV and room service
is still a prison.

When I go dancing
I dance like a madman
free and wild
the music caresses me
and the floor is my lover

I lose my head
and am still having trouble finding it
(no great loss I tell you)

There is great joy in this experience.
Okay, so it can be a very nice prison.
There is love, learning and beauty all around.
This makes it very hard to want to escape.


There is no 2
2 is a trap
In reality there is only One

2 limits
2 is illusion
2 is separation

I am NOT putting down the appearance of 2.
Without it we could not dance,
we could not create art,
we could not see rainbows
and we most definitely could not make love.

These are lovely things
and I enjoy all of them to their fullest and more!

Prisoners Seek Freedom

My mother teaches workshops in prisons.
She tells her participants that,
in a way they are actually fortunate to be in there.
It is like they have an opportunity
to focus deeply on their lives,
to learn about themselves
and to make real change.

If they use their time wisely
they can become new people
and lead incredible lives when they get out.

So they do what they can to make the best of their time in there,
but they never forget that the reason they’re doing so is to achieve freedom.

I Enjoy Life and Am Also Aware of My Predicament

In the same sense I enjoy my life fully,
I learn daily and love madly.

All the while I am aware that my purpose
is to be released from this prison
and attain the freedom of reality.

The reality of my oneness.

While I’m at peace with the world
and enjoy my juicy days,
escape is always on my mind.

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