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Infinity is Enough

Infinity is Enough
My Head Is Bursting

Some people can’t follow right brained thinking.
The left brain rules them.
It’s hard for them to see the value in
other modes of thinking and communicating.

I have seen people’s heads almost burst
from the strain of trying to deal with ideas
expressed poetically rather than literally.

Linear Communication is Limited

The problem with this is
there are things that simply cannot be communicated by linear means.
Especially ideas that transcend the mind.
The non-linear right brain does a better job of understanding these ideas.

Some Communication Requires Brain Integration

Some things are too subtle even for the right brain to comprehend.
Then integration of the two brains will be necessary.

Ah, but as we evolve,
as deeper and finer layers of the Truth are revealed to us
even that wondrous mind integration will not be enough.
Then only transcendence will do.

Go Beyond

Go beyond the mind
Leave your brain behind
And enter your Spirit

For your Spirit is infinite
And Infinity is enough.

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