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Breath Connects You To The Flow Of Life

Breath Connects You To The Flow Of Life
Breath Connects You To The Flow Of Life

Breathe in harmony with your surroundings
and you’ll find a natural resonance.

There is harmony available all the time
but it’s not always easy to access.

Resistance Creates Stress

When I resist the flow of life
I experience tension and stress
When I merge into the flow
I am carried swiftly to wondrous destinations.

My breath connects me to the stream of consciousness.

Breathing with a Baby

I can remember a wonderful moment a few years ago.
I went to visit my brother in law and his family one evening.
Their sweet 1yr old wouldn’t go to sleep.
They were struggling to get the little one to fall asleep.
It was the third night in a row where they were dealing with this.

I asked the mom and dad if I could give it a try.
They know I have a way with kids so they said sure.

I held the baby in my arms
(we’re best friends)
and we breathed together.
A unity was created and the child just melted and fell asleep

It Takes Courage To Breathe

I find that when I’m stressed
or getting angry
or worried

If I can find the motivation and courage
to stop and breathe
I can remind myself that the Divine is here
and there
and everywhere
and everything
and everyone

and breathe

Breathing Helps Me Remember Who I Am

then often I can calm down and regain some perspective
This helps me to remember that I’m here
to learn, grow, share and spread love.

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