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More Love… Less Hate… Please!

more love less hate please

An eventful trip to the No-Frills

I was in the no frills today to buy some tofu.
While I was standing in line to pay
an argument suddenly broke out a couple of aisles over.

These two womyn were yelling at each other.
It just kept getting louder and louder until everyone was watching.

It’s Painful To Watch Pain

It was very painful to watch how angry they were.
Painful because I have anger inside me as well.

Everyone standing around knew that
they shouldn’t be behaving this way.
That this was not the way for us to treat each other.
Even though everyone there has probably had moments exactly like that.
When confronted with it as a witness
it was so clear that we didn’t want to be behaving this way.

People were yelling out things at these two womyn like:
“Grow up”
“Behave like adults”
“Don’t be children”
“There’s no reason to be yelling at each other.”
Hoping to calm them down.

More Love… Less Hate… Please!

These are all different ways of saying
we should be treating each other with love and compassion
rather than yelling and anger.

Some of these people may not even have realized
that’s what they were saying because
we were all reacting so viscerally to what was happening.

Beauty and Sadness in the Same Place

For me it was a difficult experience
and a beautiful one simultaneously.

Watching these two womyn
who were obviously in deep pain,
treat each other harshly was very difficult.

Childhood Pain Stays With Us Throughout Our Lives

It was clear that, in a way both of them
had reverted to their childhood.
The pain of being yelled at or mistreated in some way
was coming out in that argument.

The Beauty Of Spontaneous Good

At the same time I was able to bear witness
to about 20 people standing around
all wishing for something better than this.

I could see it on their faces.
I could feel it in their energy.
Everybody wanted that to stop.

We Can Be Better

Not just because it was disturbing,
but because we all wanted more love and less hate.
We wanted to know we could treat each other better than this.

It is interesting that this extreme argument between two people
could bond a group of 20 people together as witnesses.

This I must say this was an absolutely beautiful experience.
I think we were all slightly uplifted by each other this afternoon.
A group of 20 strangers spontaneously wishing for peace together.

This gives me hope.

Oh, Wait, Another Thing Happened

When one man started yelling out “stop behaving like children”
I turned to him and said

“Children don’t behave this way. It’s adults who behave this way.
And then we teach it to the children.
Children are naturally loving.”

He looked at me funny for a moment
and then nodded,
I think he understood what I was saying.

An eventful trip to the No-Frills

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