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Big, Powerful, Positive Delusions

Big powerful positive delusions
People often think I’m delusional
because I believe in some crazy things.
Because of my wild optimism
My belief in the infinite power within each of us.
My confidence in the power of Love.

And many more…

We all live with delusions
might as well be big, powerful, positive delusions
Don’t let your delusions be less than Delusions of GRANDEUR.

Like changing the world
Finding perfect love
Perfect friendships
Perfect work
To attain peace beyond comprehension
To attain oneness with the Divine.

To believe that we can accomplish BIG things
To believe that you, yes you, as an individual
can accomplish something powerful and GREAT

To make history
to make radical change
to create something overwhelmingly huge
to life a deeply fulfilling life.

Don’t be seduced by conventional wisdom
I propose that there is a higher wisdom

Allow yourself to be deluded
Hypnotize your mind into believing
that with the Divine power at your disposal
Nothing is Impossible

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