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Apologizing Takes Great Courage

Apologizing takes great courage
It is the courageous person who is able to apologize.

To openly share your issues and struggles is a warrior’s act.
Apologies are powerful.

A Good Apology Can Touch The Heart

A good apology can touch the heart very deeply.
It can soften hard edges and offer healing.
Sometimes the recognition that we have being hurt
is all that is required to let go of the pain.

A true apology definitely requires self-awareness.
It is a challenging thing to be able to face someone
and express that you know you have done something wrong.

Apologizing is Risky

It can be a risky thing as well because
there is always the chance our apology will be rejected.
This can hurt a lot.
This is why it requires courage to apologize.

If we are able to face this risk and open our hearts
then it is possible to mend hurt feelings
and bridge distance that may have been created.

Apologies are powerful.

Remorse Is Also Powerful

It shows an open heart.
When you apologize to someone
and they can feel that you feel bad
for hurting them
it has a powerful effect.

Feel Bad, But Don’t Feel You ARE Bad

It’s good to feel bad for hurting someone.
But don’t get lost in it.
It is important to let go of feeling bad after a time
Because you don’t want to start thinking that you ARE bad.

Feel it and then move on.

Criticized As Children For Making Mistakes

From our earliest years we were told
we were less worthy when we made mistakes.
We were criticized, lectured to, punished
and some of us were even hit.

This can make facing our errors
and feeling a natural remorse
very difficult and painful.

It is a skill that we must re-learn as adults.
To feel bad about something we’ve done
without feeling bad about ourselves.

Feeling Bad Can Make You Feel Good

The fact that we feel bad when we hurt someone
can actually make us feel good about ourselves
because we can recognize that we are loving and have compassion.

So let the remorse in.
Apologize for what you’ve done.

Then move on to the arduous task of loving yourself.
The deeper you love yourself
the more you can forgive yourself and
the more healing will occur.

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