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The Wig in the Wind

Shopping for Socks I was in the in a clothing store with my daughter and as we were about to check out I saw a sign that said ‘SPC cards […]

Victory Over Self

Addicted to Winning I used to be quite addicted to arguing. I really wanted to win. I rarely had an open conversation with anyone because my focus was on being […]

A Short Note About Time

Another Life Lesson from TV I watched an episode of Heroes today with my daughter. At one point the main character had just found out his 20 something daughter had […]

Kids who hit – Part 3

Asking Why? When I think about parenting, as I do much of the time, I find myself asking the question “why?” a lot. Usually asking “why?” helps me to get […]

Positive Self-Soothing

There are many people who are advocates of the concept of teaching kids to self-soothe when they are upset or crying. The Ability To Care For Ourselves Is Vital In […]