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Rely Upon the Divine and Victory is Assured

Rely Upon The Divine
The Butterflies Attack

I spend so much of my time doing things
that feel “highly improbable”
if not impossible.

I have butterflies in my stomach most of the day.
They’ve become my constant companions.
Sometimes they’re quiet, meditative butterflies.
Sometimes they’re jumbo mutant killer butterflies!

I have learned to recognize this as fear
trying to slow me down.

Fear Tries To Stop Me

This fear tries to stop me from
making that phone call
booking that show
sending that email
planning that class
choreographing that dance

In essence from chasing my dreams!

And it gets me all too often
I think it gets sneakier and sneakier
The more I push against it.

The thing about the ego is,
it’s very devious.

My onliner is:

“The Ego is smarter than you!”
– Vivek

Rely Upon The Divine

That’s why I don’t rely upon my own understanding to beat it.
If I did I’d be feeling like there was no way for me to achieve victory.
Instead I rely upon the Divine.
And in doing so, I know my victory is assured,
and inevitable.

krishna and arjuna

Arjuna The Warrior King – Terrified

On the battlefield of Kurukshetra Arjuna was fighting for his life.
His army was outnumbered
and there were invincible warriors on the opposing side.
It was an impossible situation.
He was terrified and about to quit.

Krishna says “I have already slain your enemies for you!”

Krishna told Arjuna to go into battle and fight with all his might,
knowing that his enemies had already been slain.

He told him to rely upon the Divine Spirit within him
and not to be fooled by his circumstances.

If he did this he would be victorious.
He told Arjuna to fight the battle without fear or fever.

Victory is Inevitable

It was a long and terrible battle
It looked like he would lose many times
But in the end His side won
and the kingdom was restored to justice and order

For me, this is the main work,
increasing my belief level that the Divine is taking care of me
and knowing my enemies are already slain.

This awareness allows me to relax
Even in the midst of chaos.

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