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The Foundation of Wild and Enduring Romance


2 powerful centers come together

The only way to have a deep, fulfilling and lasting
romantic relationship is for both people to be solid at their centres
(or at least consciously working on solidity)
and to bring those strong and independent centers together
to increase and amplify each other.

If I don’t need you to fulfill me
and you don’t need me to fulfill you
and we come together to fulfill each other,
amazing things can happen!

Be Open and Vulnerable

And Yet…

If we do not let ourselves be vulnerable to each other
and allow the other person in soooo deep
that we can be wounded by them,

If we do not open the secret compartments
where our soft and weak places exist,
if we refuse to give our lover any power over us,

then true romance cannot blossom.

Safety Limits Intimacy

If you try and keep yourself safe
You will not be able to express the fullness of your romance.

If you hold parts of yourself back
they will form obstacles to true intimacy.

This kind of relationship can possibly be a fun time,
a convenient arrangement,
even somewhat passionate perhaps,

But still safe

Romance Isn’t Safe

Romance isn’t safe
it’s wild
and uncontrolled.

That is one of the reasons why it’s so difficult
and painful
and also why it is so Glorious.

When we give our hearts to another
and when we receive the same,
it is an awesome responsibility
that requires we be our best.

Can You Live the Dangerous Life?

Are you willing to open up completely?
Are you willing to keep opening day after day, year after year?

Are you able to live with your most vulnerable places exposed?

Are you willing to be strong enough and have powerful integrity
to handle the responsibility of caring for your lover’s most vulnerable heart?

If you can answer yes to this,
and be willing to continuously work at this,
then you have the foundation for
a truly passionate, wild and enduring romance.

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