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It Is In Being Truly Authentic That We Are Fulfilled In Life

It Is In Being Truly Authentic That We Are Fulfilled In Life
Touch Your Heart

To touch your heart
to really touch deep
Is a powerful work

To dig beneath all the layers of your personality
that life has placed over your light
the light at your centre
requires significant effort.

You Deserve Perfect Love

You deserve perfect love.
The beginning of receiving perfect love is
working towards giving yourself perfect love.

It appears selfish to some
to spend time going within.
To learn to see myself clearly,
to love myself deeply,
to accept myself unconditionally.

But I know that my ability to touch the hearts of other people
has largely come from the work I’ve done to touch my own…

Giving Love to Your Younger Self

Can you give yourself a hug?

I often reach back to my 3 yr old self
My 13 year old self
my 20 year old self

and give him a BIG, loving and supportive hug.
I let him know how loved he is
and how grateful I am that he worked so hard
face and overcame many obstacles,
So I could live the wonder filled life of joy that I do.

Love Destroys Obstacles

Every time I do this I am healed a little more.
I can feel myself open and relax.

It is in loving yourself where healing begins.
It may be hard, but it’s powerfully important.

The thing about love is,
you don’t have to find a reason for it,
just do it.
Force it upon yourself.
Make it an aggressive act if you must!

I’m still working on loving myself every day
and the more I do
the more it leaks out all over the place.

Honour Yourself

I am loving away the obstacles to my authenticity.
For it is in being truly authentic that we are fulfilled in life.
When we honour ourselves
We are able to give our highest gifts to the world.

p.s. Just imagine how this whole concept relates to parenting!

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