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Re-Programming the Computer

Re-Programming the Computer
Re-Programming the Computer

Every thought is a creative act.
We create our lives with the images we hold in our minds,
in our subconscious
and the images we believe about ourselves.

We Are Programmed

The world is built so that these images are
programmed in for us from the day we were born.
Software included, pre-installed.

The software is slightly different in different cultures,
different parts of the world, different times etc.
But the essence of what is happening is the same.

The Programs Control Us

We have the same software running throughout our lives.
It controls our thoughts, choices and actions.

Like a computer, once it is programmed
it just runs on automatic until the program is changed.

For many people these programs are never significantly altered
and we go through our lives living out the same patterns over and over again.

We Have The Power To Re-Program Ourselves

And yet we all have the power to re-write our software.
To create a new way of processing information and making different choices.

Learn How To Change Our Programs

It is not an easy task to change your own programming.
It takes time, patience and a lot of work just to learn the programming language.

Learning how the mind works,
how to change the way we think and believe.
In a way it means changing the very way we see the world and ourselves.

Then we must do the actual work
of integrating new programs into our lives
and letting go of old ones.

Once we do, wonderful things can happen.

I will discuss strategies and methods
for actually doing the reprogramming in upcoming blogs.

Have The Sincere Desire To Change

For this one I wanted to just focus on the actual desire to do the reprogramming.
Once we are able to see our own programs and have a sincere desire to change them
usually the methodology comes to us quite effortlessly.

We Are Not As Free As We Think We Are

One of the reasons that this is often resisted
is because it is difficult to admit that
we are not fully in control of our lives.

It is hard to face that
we are not making free choices
when it really feels like we are.

Awareness is Liberating and Painful

The awareness of our lack of freedom and choice
is often painful and liberating at the same time.

Painful because we see new limitations.
Liberating because we can now see new potential!

I myself start out by assuming that I am NOT free

That way when I discover how I am programmed it is less of a surprise.

And I do discover programmes every day.
On a daily basis I notice ways in which I am acting on automatic.
The programming of my childhood and early life affects
everything that I do, think and feel.

So rather than arguing against my limitations
I do my best to embrace them
for that is the only way we can transcend them.

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