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Logic is of the brain – Spirit is of the heart

Logic is of the brain – Spirit is of the heart
It is not always easy to understand the methods of Divine creation.

When we see money come from worldly source
it is easy to believe in that source,
But there is another way to see it.

When we see the money come from a worldly source
we can also see the Divine’s Hand behind it.

Where Does a Light Bulb get its Power?

It’s like when I turn on the light switch
the bulb lights up.

But the switch doesn’t light up the bulb
electricity does
and the electricity comes from the power plant.

But there is NO way for me to prove that fact.
If you came over to my house and I flipped the switch
you might say that the switch made the light come on.

You’d have empirical evidence and I would not.
But I would still be more correct to say that the power came from the plant.

I personally have no access to the power plant

I cannot show you the wires that come from there
and follow them all the way to my house.

So I really cannot prove it to you no matter what.

Believing in God/Divine/Spirit is kind of like that.
The world may be set up so that it looks like the switch lights the bulb,
but we know it’s really the power plant.

Objective Proof is Not Possible

It’s therefore very hard (is it possible?) to prove this Divine/God thing in a logical way.
In science all other variables must be removed before one can isolate and verify something as logically proven.

This is simply not possible with the Infinite
because there is nothing that can be removed.
Nothing can measure it because it is the measuring tools
as well as anything you may desire to measure.
The infinite cannot be isolated because it simply is everything.
So logic will always fail.

Proof Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

But that’s not a bad thing.
Even those who claim the importance of logic don’t really use it for everything.
It’s too complicated and rigorous to be perfectly logical all the time.
Demanding proof before belief works well in a very small set of circumstances.
Use it where it makes sense.
Reject it where it does not.

Logic is of the brain
Spirit is of the heart

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