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Don’t Be the Destroyer of Magic

dont be a destroyer of magic
Don’t Be the Destroyer of Magic

I want my daughter to believe in the magic of life.
Therefore I must never play the role of destroyer of magic.

Magic destroyers are everywhere and in every facet of life.
I therefore choose to always inspire magic.

This may seem wildly impractical
and yet I believe it is one of the greatest gifts
I can give to my child.

To inspire her to believe in magic,
in the power of her own spirit,
in infinite possibilities.

Kids naturally believe in magic
We just have to try not to get in their way

I believe that she (and all children) came into the world believing in this magic
and my main job has been to preserve her natural sense of wonder and belief.

Some people use bodyguards to protect themselves.
As parents we are our kid’s spirit guards for we protect their spirit.
We protect their belief in their limitless potential
from the world that tries to make them believe
they’re less capable, less powerful, less worthy.

Embracing Magic Comes With A Cost

There is a cost to this kind of thinking though.
That cost is getting rid of any part of you that acts opposite to the magic.

There are a lot of traditional parenting habits that contradict magical thinking.
If we want our children to believe in their inner power
we have to treat them in ways that motivate them to do so.

Let The Magic Be Free

This is challenging because we have to let go of certain expectations.
How can you control a magical creature?
What expectations can you have of an infinite spirit?
Do we really want to inhibit their free and creative thinking?

The idea is to always be on the lookout for ways
you can be of inspiration to your children.
Always be aware of opportunities to inspire
their own natural belief in magic and the power of the Spirit.

This requires effort at first.
New thought and behaviour patterns always take time to integrate.
It requires effort all along, of course,
but it does become more habitual the more you practice.

Priority Setting Is Key

Setting a priority of magic over the mundane
will guide your awareness and decisions.

When thinking about how to respond to any given situation
if your priority is well entrenched the choice is usually quite clear.
Going down one road will increase your child’s belief and connection to their spirit
and the other will move them towards a belief in limitation.

As their guide the choice is yours in every moment.

Setting a non-traditional priority is difficult

Setting a non-traditional priority is difficult
because we are fighting against our own upbringing,
the standards of our culture
and millennia of the way kids have been treated.

All real change comes with this type of challenge.
We will all make mistakes and fall short of our ideal.
The best thing is to just get up and try again.
Keep doing your best to live in the magic
And pass that magic along to your kids.

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