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Kids Need To Be Guided, Not Controlled

Kids Need To Be Guided, Not Controlled
Kids Need To Be Guided, Not Controlled

Kids do not need boundaries,
They need guidance.

They do not need to be told what to do,
they need to learn to figure out what to do.

They do not need decisions made for them,
Rather they need to be taught how to make their own decisions.

This is how children will grow up to be independent, confident and loving.

Giving Them Freedom Is Very Challenging

There is a challenge that goes with each of these ideas.
By giving our children this kind of freedom
we also create a situation in which they will make many mistakes.

In order for us to follow through with this kind of parenting
we have to be willing to let them make these mistakes
and support them through it.

It’s Not A Loss Of Power, But A Transfer Of Power

There is an automatic loss of power and control when we do this.
In fact it’s not a loss of control and power,
but rather a transfer of control and power
and this is where the real potential in this approach lies.

If you can keep this in mind,
that’s it’s a transfer, not a loss of power
then you’ll find it much easier to handle
when your kids exhibit independence.

Freedom Inspires Independence

It requires a lot of patience and acceptance
in order to really give them the space to find themselves in this way.

Real independence cannot be learned in an atmosphere of control.
Replacing rules with guidance and allowing for experimentation
Creates an atmosphere of freedom and support.

This allows for maximum independent thinking, feeling and decision making.
What better tools to send them off into the world with.

Whether your kids are just born or much older,
the best time to start this approach is…

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