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My Mother is So Wise

my mother is so wise
The Power of A Kind Word

The other day we went to a restaurant for lunch together.
After we were done and paid she called the waitress over and said to her;

“It was such a pleasure that you were our waitress.
Your smile lit up our hearts!
You’re my favourite person here!” (we go there a lot)

The womyn was just beaming with joy and gratitude.
We could both see it and were touched by it.

To Touch The Heart

When she walked away my mom started to tear up and said:
“It really takes so little to touch someone’s heart
and make them feel special and loved.
Why doesn’t everyone do that?”

I could only say that it was our job to spread the message however we could.
I sat with her in that powerful moment.
Thinking and feeling for the world.

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