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Believe Anyway

believe anyway

Pain Sucks

It is hard to have faith when we go through torturous situations
and there is no relief, no rescue.

When the Divine (God/Goddess/Spirit/Source)
doesn’t free us from our chains and bondage
we can feel abandoned, unworthy, angry, alone and afraid.

Every great person
Every great spiritual master
Warriors and artists alike
have all suffered

I honestly don’t know why the universe is built this way,
but it seems that much of our learning and evolution comes through pain.
Not all of it, but much of it.

Learning Comes From Suffering

I also learn from joy, pleasure and love.
But so much of who I am has come from my suffering.
I don’t talk about it much, but I have experienced my share of suffering in life.
I think perhaps because I don’t express my pain many people assume I haven’t suffered.
This is not the case.

Life has often felt unfair, unreasonable and even cruel at times.
Every time I have experienced suffering the classic question would come to me:
“How can a Loving, benevolent Divine cause suffering?”
There have been many times I was tempted to walk away from the Spiritual path because of this.

Then at one point I decided to have illogical faith
I decided I was just going to be one of those people
who would have faith no matter what.
I didn’t believe,
and I chose to Believe Anyway.

Believe Anyway

No matter how it looks
or feels
or what happens in my life

I Believe Anyway

The more painful and difficult life gets
The more I struggle and suffer,
The more important it is for me to

Believe Anyway

I call this kind of faith
“A consciously chosen, self-reinforcing delusion.”

I assume that whatever happens is for my HIGHEST good
I assume that The Divine LOVES me
and is HERE, right HERE
Right now

Guiding me
Loving me
Supporting me
Teaching me

Leading me to my true potential

Of course it’s not easy to believe anyway
But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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