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The Death Of Who We Think We Are

the death of who we think we are
The Death Of Who We Think We Are

True freedom brings Death
That’s why it is so scary.

It is the death of who we think we are
The self
that brings freedom
Really now, who wants to give that up?
What would you be without it?


No one knows

Does Death Bring the Answers?

Perhaps we’ll know when we die?
Or perhaps even physically dying doesn’t necessarily do it.
We may still be identified with our self after losing the body.

Boy would that suck.

I think I’ll do whatever I can to find this freedom
This real self-knowledge,
death and fear and all
before I die
before the body withers and turns to dust.

“But I tell you of a truth there be some standing here which shall not taste of death till they see the kingdom of God”
Luke 9:27

Seeking Death

The death I seek is the death of the being I think I am
and I seek it before the death of my body.

This death is not oblivion, but total consciousness,
not a reduction, but an infinite expansion

I Am An Infinite Being
Holding Onto A Little Piece Of Space And Time

The present “me” will die
to make room for the real “me”
which is the grand “I”

I only hold onto this “me” to the degree
that I’m afraid of death
and lacking in faith that I am in fact the universal ME.

Melting the Ice Cube of Who I Think I Am

The Infinite Ocean is knocking on my door,
beckoning for me to come in and melt.

Oh ice cube who thinks he is Vivek
come into Me,
melt into nothingness
and become everything,
The everything that you already are.

Will you join me in the melting?

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