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Striving for Excellence and Accepting Ourselves as We Are

Striving for Excellence and accepting
Conscious Evolution Requires Sacrifice

When we begin to wake up, it can be quite threatening and difficult.
The process of conscious evolution requires a lot of sacrifices.

We have to sacrifice
our ego,
and… Well you get the idea.

It is not an instant thing, but a lifelong process.
As we get closer and closer to our original self
we expose more of the true light that we are.

Not everyone is willing to do this work

It requires us to change of much of what
we believe and think about ourselves and the world.

Sheesh! who wants that?

Letting go of preconceived ideas,
especially ones that seem to make so much sense,
is very challenging.

The New Is Scary

The risk involved in embracing completely new ways of
thinking and being can seem quite insane.
Certainly it seems dangerous.
There is no guarantee that this new way will produce better results.

At least with the old way we know what is going to happen.
It may be painful, limited and mediocre,
but at least we know what is going to happen.

As we go along our journey there will always be times
when we fall back into old habits.
They have been with us for many years,
maybe lifetimes if you believe that sort of thing.

So it is really a good idea to have patience with yourself.

Even though we may be on the path towards our divinity,
we are human after all.
We all have wounds, trauma and a lot of inner baggage to deal with.

Love and Accept Yourself As You Are

That is why I say healing and growth is a lifetime process.
We have to be willing to love and accept ourselves just as we are,
flawed and struggling, even as we reach for a higher state of being.

It is being able to do these two things at the same time
that is most beneficial to our continual development.

Acceptance and Striving

If we do one without the other we end up lopsided.

If we strive to improve without working on self-acceptance
then we feel guilty and bad about ourselves.
For we will always make mistakes.
That’s just part of the process.
If we don’t learn to accept ourselves
we can feel like we are failures
and this actually slows down our progress.

If we work on accepting ourselves,
but aren’t also continuously striving to be more than we are,
then we can get too comfortable and stagnate.
Even though we may have great potential we will not see it.

Of course there is the third option of
neither striving nor accepting,
but I highly advise against this approach!

Again it is the integration of the opposites,
as in the Yinyang that can bring us the best results.

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