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Celebrate Being Wrong

Celebrating Being Wrong
Be Open To Change

Perhaps if someone can argue long enough
they can convince themselves of the ‘truth’ they want to believe in.

Instead of engaging in an open minded and open hearted exploration of ideas
that MIGHT cause some change on their part.

I enjoy deep conversations because when I talk to others that have thought deeply
I run the risk that someone will find a hole in an idea I hold,
or share with me a perspective I have not thought of.

Then if the hole is serious then I can enjoy the great experience of change.
And if the new perspective is useful or challenging
I can evaluate it and add it to my own.

Change Is A Little Death

Something old has to die for the new to be born.
It can hurt.
This is why we often resist it.

It takes some practice to be able to embrace being wrong.
It also takes loving ourselves, for when we were young
being wrong was a bad thing.

Rarely are children celebrated for making mistakes
and yet those are the moments when the most learning and growth are possible

I Enjoy Being Wrong

After much work on myself I now enjoy being wrong.
Most of the time.
I like it because once I find out I’m wrong
and adopt a new perspective
it means my understanding is more accurate.

This can only benefit me.
Avoiding being wrong
and holding onto being right
does a disservice to my growth and happiness.


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