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There Is Divinity In The Young

what is it like where you just came from
There Is Divinity In The Young

They haven’t made the transition completely from where we came from
to this crazy place we call normal.
So they still have residue of the Divine vibration.
That’s part of what enchants us so about them.

We can feel our authentic selves in their eyes and smiles.
In their innocence is a wisdom we crave.
In their outspokenness is an honesty we’ve forgotten.

Learning From The Wisdom Of A Newborn

My niece is now 5 years old and as cute as can be.
From the time she was born we were best friends.
I first met her when she was just 12 hours old.

I held her in my arms and asked her
“What do you remember?”
and she asked me
“Where the heck am I?”

I asked her this every time I had her in my arms.
As did she.
We did our best to answer each other.

I don’t think many people in her life will talk to her like that,
nor listen to her like that.

Becoming Human From Pure Spirit is a Difficult Transition

I told her to make the transition as carefully and kindly as she is able.
To try and retain as much the memory and feeling of who she is.

I asked her to teach me what she can about my own transition.
What is it like where you just came from?
She told me I’m limitless and free under all this skin.

Now that she’s older I still ask her these questions
And still offer her supportive comfort for her transition
I just do it undercover.
(like a Ninja)

Deep Recognition of Profound Wisdom

One of the reasons that babies respond so deeply to me
is because they can feel how I respect their wisdom.
I learn from them in every moment.

There is a knowledge they have
that I can only dream of.

My Daughter, My Teacher

That’s how I was with my kid as well.
My great teacher, my learning partner.

Having this level of respect for her has also resulted
in her being my best friend.

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