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The Peaks and Valleys of Life

Fight through the valleys with courage
Life is full of hills and valleys, isn’t it?

If we Fight through the valleys with courage
and Climb the Hills with humility
we can make it to higher and higher peaks.

When the snakes bite and the scorpions sting
it is hard to keep plodding on through the valley

But if we persevere we will always get to the bottom of the next hill.

The magic happens when we finally make it that far
we will find that we don’t have to climb up the steep cliff face.

When we make it through the valley we are lifted up to the next peak!

We can enjoy the scenery there for a while,
but eventually we must move on to endure another valley,
only to reach and even higher peak.

And yet, as my Teacher says:
“The valley you’re in is higher than the peak you were at before.”
-Tulshi Sen

Keep climbing my brothers and sisters
It is inevitable that you will reach the next peak
Is there a final peak?

I guess we’ll find out eventually.
I’ll see you there

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