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We Live In a World Of Wonder And Light

we live in a world of wonder and light
We Live In a World Of Wonder And Light

As I walk through the world dealing with day to day life
I often forget the world of magic that I live in.

There is wonder and light just beneath the surface of everything I experience.

I try and remind myself that things are not as they seem.
I try and remind myself that I am not as I seem.

Inanimate Objects Respond To Consciousness

I meditate on any new device
electronic or otherwise when it comes into my home.

I have found I can actually improve the sound of a new stereo by giving it loving attention.
Computers feel my love and respond to me favourably.
I have a reputation with my friends and family that when they have a computer problem they call me or I come over and the computer just starts working.

We all laugh nervously at how often it happens.
The quality of our attention can break or fix things.
How can this be?

Plants, animals, people and seemingly inanimate objects
can be affected by your being, your consciousness, your energy.

Energy Is The Substance Of All Things

I know it looks like there is a TV, a computer, a tree and a table in front of you.
But in fact that is not true.

Everything is made of atoms, electrons, neutrons and protons.
We live in a sea of energy floating all around.
Some have called it the sea of consciousness.

Consciousness – Energy and empty space

That’s it

The tree does not end where the air begins.
When we hug, where do you end and I begin?
We are just a different arrangement of the same stuff.

There Are No Real Divisions Between Things

We create the separation where there is none.
We see boundaries and we give them names.
But the boundaries are of our creation.

When my finger touches the keyboard it is energy touching energy.
Nothing solid exists here.

So clearly there is more going on than we realize on a day to day basis

See The Magic All Around You

Practicing this recognition, that everything is energy
creates a new perspective on your experience.
It is like a layer of magic covering everything ordinary.
It is very difficult to be bored
or to not see beauty in every moment when this is your perspective.

You ARE Energy

And as we begin to realize that we ourselves ARE this energy
and that the energy all around us responds to us, to our consciousness
then we begin to feel less separate and isolated from the world.
We recognize we are an integral and deeply connected part of an infinite system

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